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English Courses

Why study English in Cape Town?

Cape Town, frequently acknowledged as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, offers a rich and rewarding experience to the visiting language learner.

In South Africa, English is widely spoken and is the unifying language of the country. There are constant opportunities to practise your English in real-world situations while interacting with people from a variety of cultures.

"TKW offers the highest possible standards in the friendliest possible learning environment. All are welcome to join in with the fun of serious learning!" ~Marian James (owner & director of studies)

TKW offers a wide range of courses, at various language levels. With the high level of spoken English, excellent teachers, and opportunities for an African adventure, there are a multitude of other reasons why Cape Town should be your preferred choice as an English language study destination.

10 Reasons to learn English in Cape Town…

  1. The cost of living and studying is much lower than in other English language study destinations – Dollars, Euros and Pounds go a long way!
  2. Excellent infrastructure – many people travelling to Cape Town for the first time are surprised by the high standard of living and ease of adapting to life in the ‘Mother City’
  3. Experiences - there are a huge range of activities and sights within easy reach of Cape Town
  4. The weather – lots of sunshine with a mild, Mediterranean-type climate
  5. Beaches – whether you’re into sunbathing, swimming or surfing, Cape Town has a beach for everyone!
  6. Socialising and nightlife – with many bars, restaurants, theatres and live music, there is always something fun to do
  7. Excellent English-speaking host families and homestays available, providing complete immersion in the language
  8. Experience a diverse range of cultures, food, drink, music, theatre and art
  9. Adventure – many life-changing and once-in-a-lifetime experiences on offer – abseiling off Table Mountain, taking a helicopter flight over the peninsula, or taking a sunset cruise with whales, are just a very small selection of what’s on offer. Check out our adventure packages!
  10. The Knowledge Workshop - At TKW English Language and Skills Centre, we guarantee the highest international standards, personal guidance and attention to detail

Learning and living in South Africa

Visas: Visitors to South Africa can study for up to 3 months on a visitor's visa, but for longer periods of study, a study permit is required. Students should apply for the appropriate visa before leaving their home country. TKW will issue a letter confirming your registration, on payment of a 20% deposit of the total course fees. Please note, unlike other language schools, we do not charge a registration fee.

Accommodation: We have a wide range of accommodation options available near to the school. Many students opt to stay with a local, English-speaking host family, but there are also backpacker lodges, student houses and private apartments available in our neighbourhood. Talk to us and we will ensure you find the right accommodation for your needs.

Medical Insurance: Students should have valid travel and medical insurance during their stay. TKW can provide independent advice.

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